Weekly Log

The Weather traps us in Mallorca (WL 18)

You won’t believe it. Last week we went swimming and sat confortably in the sun chatting and having a cold beer. This week it got freezing cold with lots of wind and heavy rain. I read about it and now we are experiencing it ourselves: the weather on Mallorca can get really nasty in autumn!

That’s the reason why we got trapped this week in the nice, but though expensive marina in Can Pastillia (close to S’Arenal and Palma). And surprise, surprise it will take us more than one week to continue our journey!

Should we freak out?

The clear answer is: NO! We thought about things to do in Mallorca and made the best our of the situation.

The weather forecast. ;(
No, we won’t sail further now…

The Balears are well known for their autumn weather, they call it „Gota Fria“. The warm water in combination with the colder air causes lots of troubles such as heavy rain, storm and cold fronts.

A weekend on land

As we expected storm at the weekend we took the decision to leave the boat and spend Friday to Sunday in a warmer appartment in S’Arenal. That was a good choice and also a nice change in between. Me and the kids + Ronja and Tiezi moved already Friday afternoon into the flat while Michael still did some boat works. We enjoyed having a long, hot shower, having TV and a cosy, warm room.

We only left the house for shopping and some walks with Ronja, most of the time we spent indoors as it was really nasty outside!

Working and learning weekend in the flat (also relaxing, watching TV and having good food. :))

Unfortunately there was not much difference the next days. We moved back on the boat and thought of little projects we could do and also thought of renting a car in order to see more of the island.

New hair, new us!

Me and the kids were craving a new haircut for a very long time! After the hot summer and staying outside mostly all day long my hair got really dry and ugly. Fortunately we found Claudia in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. We spent the afternoon at her place and she made us pretty again!

We are freezing!

We were really grateful that we found a heater in Menorca back in the days we spent with my brother. It was much needed these days! I also unpacked the sewing machine and made us a curtain for the front cabins. That’s a real game changer!

I made a curtain for the front part of the ship

At the end of the week it got pretty clear that we have to stay another week as the weather still did not get better. There were several fronts after the other and made us stay in the harbour of Can Pastilla.

So read in the next Logfile what we did to make our unplanned stay as cool as possible.

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