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Vulcanic erruptions and hot nights at Palermo (WL 12)

We did not want to miss out the Aeolian Islands as they are very close to Milazzo, therefore we sailed to Vulcano to stay in the northern bay for one night. The island feels very special. The active vulcano is doing somthing all the time: you see smoke, ash or even some lava. We had crystal clear water and a very nice spot on anchor.

Vulcano and Fillicudi

On the next day we moved to the next island: Fillicudi. This is one of the more unknown places of the Aeolian islands. A very calm and rural place. We had an ok anchorage, that was a bit tricky: black sand, but a lot of stones that made anchoring difficult. The first night was quite pleasant with only a little swell, but second night got more shaky. All in all most of the anchorages in Sicily are unpleasant, nearly no calm places. On Fillicudi Michael and Emilia did a nice dive in the bay and I did a walk with Ronja, we also had the canues in the water and paddeled a lot.

Cefalù, you are pretty

From Fillicudi we sailed back to Sicily in order to get more west. We wanted to cross to Sardinia as soon as possible. But weather and some boat works postponed the plan. We did a stop over in Cefalù cause we heard it’s worth a visit and yes, they were right! It is a very pretty, though touristic, town with a nice old town. The first night we had a very adventurous stay at the Marina, where there was a huge swell. The kay as well as the ships were moving like hell. We met an Austrian crew with a catamaran opposite of us and were invited to join for a good glass of wine. Before we had one of the best Pizza in our lives!

Cefalù – Marina perspective
Relaxed Tizi
Fun riding by golf cart to old town
Cefalù old port view

The next day we went on anchor just around the corner and enjoyed another day at Cefalù. Unfortunately, we caught a line into our side thruster, that Raphael luckily quickly noticed. So, the kids had the diving missing to free the rudder from the line. The water was crystal clear and warm. We did shopping with the Dinghy and had a nice evening stroll.

Hot nights at Palermo

Ok, if you are not Austrian, you won’t get it. There is a EAV song “Heiße Nächte in Palermo“ (Hot Nights at Palermo) that I refer to. I never had Palermo on my shortlist of places I need to visit to be honest, but I changed my mind after being there!

Hop on Hop off Tour in Palermo

The first night we stayed at a Marina that was quite far away from the center, but on the following day we moved to a more centered place. Meanwhile Tizi fell in love with a big catamaran, enjoyed the wooden deck and the friendly hospitality of the captain.

Palermo was the place to do some boat works, but also to do sightseeing and enjoy the city! It is a wild and interesting metropolis with loud and lively people. You can feel the heartbeat there! We so much enjoyed the place, the people, the food and the atmosphere!

Oooops she did it again!

Moored next to luxus yachts in Palermo, Tizi got a bit too risky and tried to jump onto our starboard neighbour. *PLATSCH* The jump missed its target and Tizi fell into the harbour water. Lucky her! She is able to swim quite well and rescued herself onto a rope at the kay. There we tried to grab her. A friendly neighbour was faster and pulled her out of the water. I am sure she regretted her plans.

We closed the Sunday afternoon with Aperitivo and some Sicilian delights in order to recover for our journey to Sardinia!

What’s next?! We sail further west to wait for a good weather window to Sardinia.

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