Weekly Log

(Unplanned) Exploration of Mallorca (WL 19)

This week we decided to see something from the island and rented a car to go around. The weather decided to stay wet and cold, but we found places around Mallorca that are still worth visiting although sun is not shining:

(1) Palma Aquarium

Close to our marina there has been the Palma Aquarium. So we decided to go there. The fish tanks are pretty amazing although the Aquarium in total is maybe a 3 out of 5 stars. We had a good time, but several things were a bit dull… like waiting for over 15 Minutes in front of the „highlight“ of a 3D Whale Show to find out that the actual film lasts about 5 Minutes. We could not believe that „that’s it“. In contrast the ride over the shark tank was really cool and exciting!

(2) Cathedral of Palma

Usually we are not really into churches but the cathedral of Palma is stunning! We were lucky that we had the Cathedral almost to ourselves. To understand everything better we rented audioguides and explored the building by ourselves. Very fascinating! I highly recommend to go in and enjoy the magical atmosphere!

(3) Cueva del Drach

This sight is usually filled with people, now under Covid rules you visit the cave only with a small group which is very good. The cave is a really cool place, but there is no guide, so you just walk through without any explanation. That surprised me a bit. At the end we heard a concert on the cave lake, that was a nice highlight in the end.

(4) Rafal Nadal Museum

So, if you are into tennis, of course you have to visit the Rafael Nadal centre in Manacor. The kids had fun trying out the virtual sport games and looking at Rafael’s prizes and trophys. I really liked his Micky Mouse trophy back in his younger days:

(5) Visit Porto Soller

We drove to Porto Soller to walk around. There you really see the consequences of the storm and rain of the last days! We simply enjoyed the surrounding and the sun that shortly came out.

We checked the weather every day but it seemed that we still need patience for our further journey. Let’s cross our fingers!

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