About us

We bought a sailing boat in Greece during Covid-19!

Have you ever done something really crazy in your life? Yes – great, then you know the exciting feeling which is scary at the same time. No? Then feel invited to follow us on our journey of our lifetime (or probably not, cause there is a good chance that we will something even crazier in future :))

We bought a sailing boat in Greece or to be more precise, we are currently buying a sailing boat in Greece. Cause you not simply go there and buy a boat. There are trillion steps between you and a your potential possession, such as registration procedures, finances, etc.

But stop for the moment, you might wonder.

Who is „we“?

We are an Austrian family, consisting of:

Michael (38), Raphael (13), Emilia (15) and Stefanie (40)

We will travel together with our pets:

Ronja the dog and Tietzi the cat.

What is our plan?

Starting from July 2021 we will sail togehter the Mediterranean Sea on SY Hakuna Matata. We will visit Greece, Italy, Spain and the Canary Islands – for sure. Most important is that we are doing the journey together as a family. We will live with the wind and the sea and will see how fast we are and where we will travel to.

As there will be gazillion questions about our plan and how we do it and because we want to keep records of our journey with this blog. We will add articles on a regular basis and we do this in English (sorry for our mistakes) as we have friends around the globe who want to keep track with us!

So let’s do this!


  • Hans-Morten Søvik

    Well ahoi and shivver me timbers. The Austrian Navy will get excellent recruits now.

    Go with the wind. Never against. Its worth waiting for weeks for the correct weatherwindow.. Visitors come to you. You do not come to the visitors.


  • \^/ili

    Ich könnte jetzt mit einem weisen Spruch angeben:
    Toren bereisen in fremden Ländern die Museen, Weise gehen in die Tavernen. [Erich Kästner]

    Oder mit meiner Lebensweisheit protzen.

    Aber ich denke, es ist am besten einfach eine gute Reise – und eine gesunde Rückkehr zu wünschen.

    Passt auf euch auf!

  • Jostein Søvik

    It lookes amazing! I really hope I/we/someone from here will be able to come down and visit 🙂

    A small request: how about a post about the boat? Technical stuff/plan/make/size…you know…

    Take care and stay awesome!


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