Why we dragged our teenagers on a sailboat!

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We are an Austrian family of 4 and have never done the things how „the things“ are supposed to be done. 🙂 Sometimes curiosity kicks in and we have to try out something new. Not that long time ago we thought it would be an interesting idea to stay on Lanzarote (our favorite island) for a longer period of time. Then we were thinking of travelling through Europe with a van for some months and when Covid-19 was spreading fast, we shifted plans again.

Why are we doing what we are doing?

For sure we wanted to do an adventure as a familiy. Our kids are teens now and there is only a very little period of time where they are eager to be their parent’s co-adventurer before they will go out and explore on their own. So the timing was given and no delay possible. What to do during a pandemic?

As we came across sailing and experienced really exciting times on sailboats as a family-crew the decision was done: we will do a sailing trip!

Our dream comes true.

Now it is time to live the dream. Although there is a pandemic going on, we decided to sell our house, move some of our pets to grand mothers, pack/sell/dump our stuff and buy a sailing boat in Greece. Sailing is one of the things where you can still feel free, you are very isolated on the boat and you can live off the grid for quite a time.

Follow us on our journey at our blog aka logfile.

From July 2021 till summer 2022 we will take you with us on our journey of a lifetime. On our sailing vessel „Hakuna Matata“, we will cruise the Mediterranean Sea. There is no timetable or plan cause the most important thing is that we take step by step as a family. We do next what seems important and what feels ok with everyone. As soon as we feel confortable and safe on board we will start the cruising.

Who is „we“?

We are Michael, Stefanie, Emilia and Raphael and we will travel together with our pets Tietzi and Ronja. On this page you get to know us a little bit better.

You can follow us on instagram that will become our digital photo album.

Hope we can inspire you to live your dreams as well and encourage you that a lot of things are possible, you just have to make them happen!

Hakuna Matata!
Let the sorrows go!
Lass die Sorgen sein!