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Malle ist nur einmal im Jahr! (WL 16)

Well, well, well, you might wonder about the german title as this blog is usually written in English (that also our international friends can understand our journey). It means „Mallorca is only once a year“ and origins from a German song. For quite a time Mallorca is famous for party people especially from Germany, The Netherlands, but also Great Britain and the rest of the world, for beer, drinking and also – to not forget! – its stunning landscapes!

We sailed pretty calm from Menorca to Mallorca togehter with my brother and got various views of this famous island!

Mahon, the second largest nature habour of the world

We started our Balearic times in Menorca. There we met my brother and recovered from a pretty rough passage from Sardinia (read here). The natural habour of Mahon is a pretty cool place! Luckily we entered Menorca before the 20th October because everyone seemed to close for winter season. We got the last breakfast at nice cafè, had Indian dinner (there were not many options of open restaurants) and got new plates at the local Marineshop with a big end of season discount. It felt like they were really tidying up and closing their doors.

The bay of Mahon in the evening
The perfect sunrise while leaving Menorca
Emilia and Stefanie in the sunset

After spending 2 days in Mahon we sailed over to Mallorca. It was a very good day, so we decided to anchor close to Cala Ratjada and found a sheltered bay. As we started very early in the morning we came there early afternoon, had enough time to enjoy the sun and even had a bath plus kajak trip!

Just like out of the catalogue, but real (drone pic)
Hakuna Matata from above in the turquoise waters of Mallorca

In the next days we sailed further south in order to reach our Marina in Can Pastilla a week later. My brother had a plane to catch and our friends were arriving.

Playing Bassalo on the beach
Tizi enjoying the sun

We stopped in Porto Colom where we got a buoy and Marina Sa Rapita where we spent even 2 days to sit out some bad weather. There we were longside to the pier which made us some stressful times. But as always we got around difficulties!

Currywurst XXL!

Wurzel is happy with his Currywurst XXL

Suddenly it was clear: second language of Mallorca is German. 🙂 In Porto Colom we went out for dinner and had Schnitzel and Currywurst on the Menu. After 4 months of travelling and eating so much (very good!) Mediterrenean food we found it funny to have a Wurst. Wurzel and Raphi enjoyed their meal!

Palma here we come!

After one night on anchor in front of El Arenal, we finally made it to our Marina in Can Pastilla (San Antoni). We could not help, but had to go out for Schnitzel! It was a perfect sunny Autumn evening and we sat outside of restaurant „Zur Krone“ and really enjoyed our Schnitzel. Shortly after my brother left to fly back to Vienna. We had an awesome time together!

Schnitzel at „Zur Krone“
Sunset at Palma Beach

Next week our friends from Tulln will arrive (there are Autumn holidays in Austria) and we hopefully can have a week full of sailing, swimming and having fun. Let’s see if the weather will be on our side!

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