Weekly Log

When will we sail to Lanzarote? (WL 24)

When we came up with our idea to sail through the Med, we had a big dream: celebrate Christmas on our own boat on Lanzarote. It is our most favourit island in the Canary Islands. We have been there for many times and almost know every stone there!

The dream explodes

When we waited for our new radar to arrive (you remember when we lost it?), it became clear very quickly that our time schedule won’t come true. It got later and later and also the weather windows were gone. Furthermore we planned to get more crew for the big crossing which turned out a bit difficult as you have to plan even more in advance. All in all the organisation of that passage turned out to be more complex than expected.

New plans

We had to come up with news plans. The radar repair worked out and the weather made a turn, so there was a possibility to sail towards Gibraltar. First we thought of doing it in steps, then we decided: No, we just make one huge passage and 24 hours later we will be in La Linea (Alcaidesa) Marina!

So this week was a huge planning and organising week.

Too boring for you?

Sorry that I cannot share anything exciting about that week, but that’s also cruising life. Sometimes you just have to organise yourself, make up new plans and adjust.

Now we are looking forward to having a Christmas in Gibraltar which is also pretty amazing and not of a usual type!

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