Weekly Log

Friends on board and Happy Halloween (WL 17)

The day before my brother left the boat to fly back to Vienna. That day our friends from Tulln were landing in the evening. So much to do before they will come on board! Do the laundry, clean up, repair stuff and go shopping are just some tasks from that day. In Austria the Autumn holidays started and therefore they came with their two sons. The first time we were 8 people on Hakuna Matata which meant to empty our second guest cabin. Honestly we „misused“ it until then as junk room. We were surprised when we managed to put all the stuff (like my SUP or some neopren clothes) in another place.

In the evening we were very happy to welcome our friends on Hakuna Matata. They had a long travel day and therefore we stayed to have some food, cerveza and good talks. The kids were very excited to be on a boat the first time!

The weather forcast was quite good, so Wurzel and I made up a nice plan:

  • Monday: Welcome friends!
  • Tuesday: Go to the other side of the bay, anchor and have walk and dinner in El Arenal
  • Wednesday: Sail to Sa Rapita
  • Thursday: Sail to La Cabrera (where I had reserved a buoy for us earlier)
  • Friday: Go back to Palma as the weather is getting nasty
  • Saturday: Fun in Palma
  • Sunday: Sail back to Can Pastilla, have dinner in town
  • Monday: Good Bye friends and have a good flight.

Well, it almost worked out!

Big HELLO and outboarder issues

I do not know if I have already told you: our outboarder had issues from the beginning! First it stopped working without a reason, then later there was a lot of smoke coming out of the engine after about 4 minutes of driving. We decided that we need a reliable outboarder and tried to buy a new one in several places. But no chance. Due to Covid and delivery problems all the Marine Shops were out of stock. Finally in Palma at the biggest store so far they had 1 model left, so we bought it right away without questioning.

When our friends arrived, first task was to get the new outboarder going! Thanks for your help.

Fixing our new outboard engine

Last days of summer?

Wow what a start. On the first day sun was shining and it got really hot during the day. At anchor at El Arenal the kids jumped in the water and were surprised how clear it was! Sure, it was a bit chilly but they did not mind. In Austria there was already a winter feeling.

Sunny first day
End of the week it got more chilly

In El Arenal we had a sunny stroll along the beach front, some coffee and drinks at the bar and the kids went for Dino Minigolf. Of course we had to see Bierkönig and Schinkenstrasse, which was not that interesting in the end. In the evening we found a Tapas Bar for dinner and had a very good start in the week.

Sa Rapita and a little accident

On Wednesday we did a longer trip to Sa Rapita (we already stayed there with my brother). Next to the Marina there is a beautiful beach. Unfortunately it was cloudy and a bit rainy – nevertheless the boys went swimming. Unfortunately we also had a little accident, when one of the kids slipped while trying to enter the boat. He fell into the water like Ronja some weeks ago. Luckily our neighbours were fast and managed to get him out. Nothing happened, only the mobile phone got too wet.

The beach next to Sa Rapita

La Cabrera, our highlight of the week

On thursday we had really calm conditions to go to La Cabrera – an almost uninhabited island next to Mallorca. So calm we had to use the engine, well better than the other way round. We saw dolphins and got there in good time to get a buoy in the middle of the bay. We put the kajaks down, we swam, we had a walk up the castle and some coffee in the bay. What a beautiful and peaceful place! We loved it!

The bay of La Cabrera, Hakuna Matata somewhere in the middle
The castle up the hill at La Cabrera

Back to Palma – shit, made a mistake!

As we observed the weather it got worse. Instead of trying to anchor on our way back to Palma, we went there directly. Wurzel had booked the central marina, or thought we booked it. Well another story. We had a good and fast sail, almost 8 knots at some time. The bay of Palma was very crowded as a regatta took place, quite stressful! Also waves built up due to the strong winds.

And then we entered the habour to find out that Wurzel booked the wrong dates. Well, shit happens. I immedeately phoned every port and marina in the area to find a place to stay. Wind should pick up and waves also, we really wanted to make sure to be in a save place with our friends. For one hour everything looked bad until I phoned Porto Portals where they luckily had space for us! What a relief!

It got chilly in Porto Portals, Mallorca

Happy Halloween, sailor style!

We made the best out of two days in the Marina and went by bus to Palma city. Had a look at the stunnings cathedral, walked the narrow streets, had coffee and shopped a bit (I desperately needed a second long trousers :)).

The last evening we celebrated Halloween together and had fun with our pirate theme (what else?!).

Pirates of Hakuna Matata

Then we decided to stay even a bit longer in Porto Portals and let our friends take a taxi to the airport at the conditions weren’t good outside the harbour. We took the right decision as we figured out on Monday afternoon while returning to Can Pastillia, but that is another new and (scary!) story for next week! Read you then!