About us

We are an Austrian family of 4: Michael, Stefanie, Emilia and Raphael. We decided to live the dream of selling our house and buying a sailboat to explore the world outside. Our journey started long before but our real adventure will start in July 2021 close to Athens, Greece.

Most important for us is to do this travel adventure as a family. We do not exactly plan out the places we will visit, that will be decided on our way. We will take our pets Ronja (dog) and Tietzi (cat) with us. As we want to stay connected to all our friends around the globe, this blog is written in English.


Technic-Lover, IT Specialist, Adventurer, Waste Management Professional, Pet Lover, Passionate Dad


Creative Queen, Mediator, Conflict Resolution Professional, Art & Dance Enthusiast, Project Manager, Passionate Mum

Emilia & Raphael

Creative, open minded and adventurous teenagers