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Merry Christmas in Gibraltar (WL 25)

Finally! On the 20th of December we left Almerimar around 11 am for a 24 hours sail to Gibraltar. As I have told you earlier. Since November it is an „all or nothing“ situation. Either there are 30+ knots of wind or nothing. We rather chose the calm option.

So again we had very relaxing conditions to get to Gibraltar. Fair enough! Because coming closer and closer means to pass a huge field of drifting big ships. Some of them are moving pretty fast, some of them are just drifting and some of them are on anchor.

The last hours on the trip were very exhausting. First Michael and I took nights shifts one after the other, but at 4.30 in the morning I had to wake him up to help me navigate through the busy jungle.

After the repairs in Almerimar we now have active AIS, which means that the big ships can see us on their screen. What a handy thing! Two times the big ones called us on the radio. First one of them told us that he was just drifting and the second time we got informed, that we are right in front of the bow of the big ship. Not the best position – we had to adjust course. 🙂

Right before entering the bay of Gibraltar the sun came up and we could do the last bit in daylight. What a relief. Furthermore we had to consider the strong currents there, which turned out to be just perfect in the moment we got there.

What a feeling entering the bay! The huge rock of Gibraltar is really stunning and you feel so acomplished that you have crossed the Med and you are finally on the doorstep to the Atlantic!

When we moored in Alcaidesa Marina, La Linea (the spanish side of Gibraltar) it felt so special and „international“. Most of the boats there plan to go to the Canary Islands, Madeira or even cross the Atlantic.

Suddenly you do not feel „alone“ anymore.

We had awesome days. We did a guided tour on the upper rock, saw the monkeys, the caves and the stunning view. Afterwards we had original English breakfast with black tea. Yum Yum.

Our Monkey Experience

Finally it was Christmas Eve!

How come but again after our arrival the weather got worse and worse. It rained a lot and it felt very British. It has been a very chilly and wet Christmas 2021!

We had our little decorated tree (Tietzi was really sad it was too small to lie underneath!), lots of christmas decoration and a special dinner with cheese fondue.



  • Cynthia and Michael

    Wonderful depiction of the sail to Gibraltar. I enjoyed ready your adventure and look forward to hearing your rendition of our sail to Lanzorete! May the wind be at your back and your sails full !

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