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6 weeks at home, why we need a break (WL 27)

Marina Puerto Calero became our second home after crossing from Gibraltar to La Graciosa / Lanzarote in January 2022. We had a pleasant time visiting our favorite places on the island of Lanzarote including Jameos Del Agua, Mirador del Rio, the market of Haria or the best cocktail bar on the planet, La Delicatezza in Puerto del Carmen. Friends came very spontenously over and we had strolls along the beach and some relaxing time together.

Hakuna Matata needs a break

When planning our project it became very clear that we will do a home trip around February / March. On the one hand Hakuna Matata needs the break to get out of the water and get a little refit, such as antifouling and other issues – boat work is a never ending process.

On the other hand we needed a break. Michael and I have never stopped working and needed to see clients, take part in meetings in Austria and generally needed to organise stuff. Of course we were also looking forward to seeing friends and family!

Haul out – let’s store dry on land!

Our flight took place end January. Only 2 days before we had our haul out date. Hakuna Matata was stored dry on land at Marina Puerto Calero. We packed our stuff for Austria and cleaned the whole boat. The following two days we spent in a unfortunately nasty appartment. I really do not want to describe to you, we haven’t made a good choice. Furthermore I got very sick right before the flight home. What a mess! Feeling really dizzy (not Covid or any other infection!) I had to board the planes. Togehter we managed. Tizi was coming with us. Ronja was taken care by nice friends on Lanzarote where she was surrounded by dog mates.

How felt Austria after such a long time on board?

Arriving back in Austria felt very multi dimensional.

  • happy: meeting family and friends after such a long time
  • relieving: living on land is much more relaxed and easy than living on a boat
  • strange: home is Hakuna Matata and she was some thousand miles away
  • cold: obviously
  • more strict: concerning rules and regulations
  • familiar: fascinating how quickly you are back on „everyday“ track of your former life (job, tasks, appointments, etc.)
  • easy: water out of the pipe, heating, cosy beds
  • safe: from weather, waves and natural elements

After a week in Austria we were on the road again. Styria was calling us! But this time it was all about freezing water :). When we are in Austria in winter we simply cannot go skiing. That’s what we Austrians do when snow is falling. So we enjoyed a week near Murau together with the grandparents.

We did a lot of other stuff besides catching up work issues.

We celebrated Emilias birthday over several days. I even managed to do this heart shaped cake and I am not that „baking person“.

The days were filled with appointments and really quickly passed by. There were precious moments like a dinner with my best friends or meeting people I haven’t seen in years (also due to Covid). I worked hard for my work projects (e.g. www.stadtdesmiteinanders.at) and organized a lot for our next months.

All in all it felt like running a marathon. „Break“ might not have been the right wording. It very much rushing through the days, which was a good reminder what we should consider coming back in summer: how do we want to live after our sailing project? How „fast“ do we want to live? How „intense“ do we want to live?

The six weeks went over very quickly. Shortly before our flight we faced some drama. The kids didn’t want to come with us. They were happy to re-gather with friends and family and did not want to lose them again. We very much understood the issue. Nevertheless projects have ups and downs – it helped shaping and planning the time in front of us: what do we want to explore? Who is going to visit us? What do we want to see on the Canary Islands? We had now plenty (we thought) time to see the other islands, do things without the pressure of crossing the Atlantic back to Gibraltar. This was scheduled for end of June.

Flying back home

Saying good-bye a second time felt hard. We were already re-settled in Austria and it felt strange to go back to the boat. On the other hand we were looking forward to new adventures. Let’s face it: long term travel does not feel glorious all the time. Sometimes it is hard. Sometimes it is boring. Sometimes it is enoying.

Hakuna Matata was in super shape when we got to see her. Putting her back into the water was no big deal. Shortly after we were „on the sail“ again.

Our plan for the upcoming weeks: Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and then let’s see…

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