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The most scary moment so far! (WL 15)

Next to Porto Teulada there is a big military zone and if you do not want to do a big detour you have to find other ways to go through in order to get to Carloforte. We got the information from the Marina when there will be military action and when which zone is closed. Based on that we planned the trip.

The solution was to start very early on that Monday morning. They will start shooting at around 9 o’clock, so we woke up at 4 and started the passage at 4.30. It was still dark. Some fishing boats were in front of the habour, no problem for us, we have a radar and can see when there is something out in the dark.

When entering the military zone that was still open that time, a strange boat came closer and closer. Of course the coast guard or a military ship was defending the zone in order to secure it. It was rather big and came very close, they checked our sailboat, said hi, but did not stop us.

So we continued our sail to Carloforte. Waves and wind were ok and we arrived to Carloforte bevore lunchtime.

This rainbow welcomed us in Carloforte

So we arrived with some rain to Carloforte on the island of San Pietro. What a nice place! It was peaceful (despite all the ferrys), had a very good infrastructure and was just the perfect place to start the travel further West to Menorca.

But we needed to be patient. The weather (Mistral) wasn’t good to start sailing West, we had to stay at Carloforte for some time. As we expected guests on board in Mallorca we got a bit nervous if we will make it in time!

That’s how you get Diesel in Carloforte!
School and work inside
as the weather outside wasn’t that good.
or even do some chill-out! Tizi is always best company!

Difficult passage to Menorca

We decided to leave on Friday as predict wind showed us a good weather window. Also our neighbours in the port of Carloforte chose the same day to leave to Menorca. We knew that the first hours will get rough as the waves around Sardinia got quite high. Also the wind was at about 20 knots. It should get better along the way.

Unfortunately it did not. We were up wind all the time and needed quite a lot of time as we had to cross all the time. The wind didn’t get lighter and also the waves built up. The night wasn’t confortable at all. We were shaken and had a very rolly time. The worst part was a so called „Sqall“, that come all of a sudden, accompanied with about 35 knots of wind that surprised us. Michael and me had lots to do to geht the sails down. While doing so the front sail killed the radar, it went down. Also some other minor damages were caused.

I hand steered through the bad part of the storm and we were very much looking forward to the sunrise! At about 7.30 in the morning it was light again. Then the big waves look a little bit less scary. The sailing throughout the day was ok, then it got really better and better with wind and waves.

Nevertheless in order to get to Menorca before Midnight the next day we started the engine and did motorsail for the next hours. We arrived to Menorca at around 23.00 and moored at the marina Port Mahon where we had reserved a berth.

cleaning after the passage
radhish all around!
Raphael is cleaning the boat from outside

First sleep!

After such an exhausting passage the first thing you want to do is sleeping! We were very happy to arrive at Menorca and went to bed instantly. On the next morning we got our berth, parked the boat and went out for breakfast. We all thought we have deserved this treat after the last days.

Then we had to clean the boat from inside and outside. After the rough journey e.g. radish was lying nearly everywhere! Also other stuff flew around, dishes got damaged and things were lying all around. What a mess! After the motivating breakfast we splitted up the to do list and start doing.

We all looked forward to the arrival of my brother. He took the ferry from Mallorca and arrived that afternoon at Mahon.

Another guest on board

The rest of the sunday we enojoyed strolling around in Mahon, having some coffee and showing the boat to my brother. We planned to stay another 2 nights and rent a car.

Happy to be in Spain!

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