Weekly Log

Our visit to Alhambra (WL 23)

The highlight of our week was the visit of the Alhambra in Granada. I booked a tour beforehand and we started our day pretty early to drive the 1,5 h to the city. There we joined a guided tour and were led through the stunning buildings and gardens.

If you have ever the opportunity, go there and enjoy the wonderful architecture.

In fact there is not much to say about – all the history you can google yourself. 🙂 Of course we liked the cats that live at the location. They are fed by the institution and are a part of the Alhambra.

That week we also enjoyed a nice Schnitzel and Currywurst at the Stumble Inn Pub in Almerimar. A funny place where the Yachties meet every Friday to chat and exchange stories. We once joined this reunion and met sailors of Sweden and the UK.

One evening was very special at Almerimar. The clouds reflected the sun rays and the sky turned out like burning:

Everything else we did was pretty „normal“, like work, doing something for school, organise stuff for our big crossing to Lanzarote, organise material for the repairs, go for walks and spend time as family. Pretty straight forward. 🙂

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