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Parli Italiano? School life in Milazzo (WL 11)

Our skipper trainer Hans left us on Saturday. The weather was rainy and unsteady. Thunderstorms came our way and staying in the port was the best idea, although we had a very roly place at Marina Poseidon. Finally on Sunday we were allowed to enter the port of Milazzo and get into our booked berth at Marina Nettuno. There we had a more quiet stay.

We decided to stay for one week in order to book language courses for the kids. So we had the first day of school on Monday. Emilia was able to attend an Italian intense group course, while Raphael had 1:1 sessions with a native English speaker. Luckily both schools were in the same building, even in the same office in Milazzo. So the kids had break togehter.

First day of school!

We started a nice tradition that week. At about 8 in the morning we had breakfast togehter at Bar Nettuno, close to the Marina. Of course very traditionally for Italy: Cappuccino and Cornetti. We could even watch the baker making our sweet delights!

No wonder, we also had some repairs to do as well. The broken cleat got its treat and also the rigging got some attention. Furthermore we got some business work done, found a good laundry and did some food shopping.

In the free time we explored the city of Milazzo, went to the beach, visited the castle and did a tour at Illusion Ville. What a great week in a great town!

See some impressions of our stay at Milazzo:

Milazzo from above
At castillo Milazzo: no worries, we got him out!

We had a very relaxed time in Milazzo, the kids enojoyed having language courses and we also liked our new routine. Soon it will be over again. The plan is to go via Aeolian Islands and Palermo to Sardinia directly. That is a change of plan as we found out that travelling slower and staying longer at one place makes much more sense to us then going further every day. So we will leave out Naples, Rome and Corse (at least for now). Read you again next week!


  • Bernhard

    Schön langsam klingt es wirklich nach Urlaub und Abenteuer, und nicht mehr so nach Arbeit 🙂
    Wenn ihr in Sardinien seid kann ich euch einen Ausflug zum „Is Arutas“ empfehlen… ein sehr ungewöhnlicher, wunderschöner Strand.


    • admin

      Danke Bernhard für den Tipp.
      Mal sehen, wir werden nur kurz Zwischenstopp machen und wollen so bald wie möglich zu den Balearen übersetzen.
      Dort erwarten wir wieder einigen Besuch an Bord. 🙂

      Liebe Grüße nach Wien,

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