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Our anchor windlass broke again and other challenges (WL3)

Wow it is already week 3 of our boat adventure! Unbeliveable!

Monday, 19th July we decided to stay in the nice bay of Dokos to enjoy some more peace, swimming and SUPing.

Captain to be!

On Tuesday we sailed West in direction of Peloponnes. We decided to try out the brand new Marina at Porto Heli. Emilia was on the helm – of course supervised by Skipper Michael! For us it is important that our kids try out stuff, that they learn while they are having fun and a boat is a perfect life school!

Captain Emilia on the helm!

Learning is something you do all the time and not just in school. We have a lot to learn each day! As parents, as sailors, as a couple, as human beeings.

So we arrived at Marina Porto Heli with a little bit of wind and docked Hakuna Matata for the first time. Not an easy job! We tried at least 5 times and the guy at the dock got a bit too nervous with us. Doesn’t matter, we managed!

Porto Heli is a nice town with a big harbour and quite a good infrastrucutre. That led to the fact that we stayed Tuesday till thursday, fixed quite a lot of things on board and returned Friday to Sunday to complete some works. Also some Technicians came on board for repairs: new batteries, anchor windless repair, GPS / Plotter issues and so on.

We got fresh fruit and vegetables, great coffee and bread for our wellbeing as well.

Delicious dinner at Porto Heli!

The anchor windless, not our friend!

From day 1 on the anchor windless is not our friend. We have a very sturdy and reliable Rocna anchor, but the windless has its problems. Fortunately Michael could fix it every time. In Porto Heli the Mechanic brought us the right spare parts and also tried to improve it. We were really happy when this problem was fixed!

Again and again… shit!

At our next anchorage I was really looking forward to the anchor windless doing its job and then another thing broke! Shit… this thing is a pain in our asses! Whatever… hakuna matata and we ordered spare parts in order to fix it again.

Animal routines and Ronjas accident

Animals on a ship, are you crazy?! Most of our friends cannot understand why the hell we are doing that. We love our fury friends, they are part of our family. Ronja is now really familiar with the dinghy or with the SUP to do her daily business at the shore.

Tietzi has new routines. At night she sleeps in „Pumbaa“, one of our cabins, in the morning she wants out and breakfast. Then she strolls around the ship and the deck. The leash (as seen on the photo) is only needed when we are docked in the harbour! She loves sleeping under the canoe in the shade. In the evening she is lying on the deck next to us and chilling out. Going on the cats toilet is no problem!

Then one day…

… we were docked at Porto Heli when Michael went on a walk with Ronja in the morning. On their return she was too ambitious to climb the Basserella and fell into the harbour bassin! What a shock for her and for us. Luckily Ronja can swim and Michael „rescued“ her out of the water. That meant showerday! The kids showered her to get rid of the salty sea water.

Hoppla! Ronja went swimming by accident!

After our week full of repairs at Porto Heli (by the way from thursday to friday we drove just around the corner to stay in a very nice and calm bay), we set sails in direction of Astros.

What a ride to Astros!

From Porto Heli to Astros it is about 25 nm, the weather forecast said there will be wind. Hhhhmmm yes it was right. We had between 18 and 25 knots of wind and high, short frequenced waves. What a ride. We sailed about 2 hours at high speed of 7,5 knots (21 knots of wind), only Fock sail. Then we decided to turn on the engine again. Raphael und Tietzi got sick, therefore we decided to shorten the bumpy ride.

The waves were nasty. High and shortly one after the other. Hakuna Matata got fully showered and is now covered in salt water.

Finally we arrived in Astros! A former fisherman’s town with a hill and a fortress. The habour is well protected, although we prefered to anchor in front of the beach. The wind got less. Still the night was a bit shaky. That was’nt the worst part! Astros is the Muckendorf of Greece. At midnight we had mosquito alarm!

We will stay here for the next days to say welcome to our first guests on board!


We more and more get used to life on board. What’s interesting for your to read? Which questions do you have?

Let me know in the comments!


  • Bernhard

    Sehr schön, euch dank des Blogs ein bisschen begleiten zu können! Hoffentlich habt ihr bald mehr Glück mit den Reparaturen und bleibt eine Weile verschont…
    Vielleicht könnt ihr mal ein paar mehr Bilder von eurem Boot posten? Mir fällts noch schwer mir vorzustellen, wie viel (oder wenig?) Platz ihr dort alle habt 🙂

    Alles Liebe vom Festland,

    • admin

      Hallo Bernhard,
      danke für dein Kommentar. Das mit dem Platz an Bord ist ein spannendes Thema! Da werde ich einen eigenen Blogartikel dazu verfassen. Zu Viert ist es wirklich angenehm an Bord 🙂


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