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Night passage to Zakynthos (WL 7)

After staying in Kalamata for quite a while and got fixed some of our boat issues, we decided to make again some more miles in one go. So we started our first night passage on board of Hakuna Matata. First we made a 7 hours ride to Pylos (about 40 nm) where we stayed for a while to rest, eat and start repairing our big generator that suddenly stopped working. But that’s life and we are now used to our boat projects, so we kept on going as planned around 8 pm in the evening.

When leaving Pylos during sunset, we had this incredible view:

Sunset in Pylos – off we go for our first night passage!

The last miles to Pylos and the first miles on night passage were rough. Bigger waves splashed water all over. As we kept on going our eyes were familiar with the dark, we turned on our radar to really make sure we see all obstacles on the way – especially small fishing boats!

It was stunning when the moon was rising on the horizon and when it went down again after some while. Those moments were really special. The ride was quite bumpy all the time, both kids got sick one after the other, after some puking action it got better.

We did shifts of 3 hours, always 1 adult with 1 teenager as a team. That worked well with us, although sleeping during the bumpy ride was quite difficult. Fortunately it got more and more quiet during the night.

It got interesting when something very big was suddenly in front of us. It turned out to be the TUI „My holidays“ cruising ship – looked like a huge shiny christmas tree!

After a long night we arrived around 7.15 am in Zakythnos, Keri Bay. Such a nice and calm place! At least until the small boats started to drive around like crazy!

Zakynthos – we anchored next to turtle beach, Keri bay.

We had a good sleep until 9.30 am and a lovely breakfast. Then we understood that we were right in the zone to tourism. 🙂 Around Peloponnes it was really quiet, almost no charter boats and lots of space. Now in the Ionian sea it got really crowded, full and loud.

The day was spent resting, sleeping and researching about the island.

Excursion by little boat!

It was really nice exploring the bay and its surroundigs – stunning nature!

Zakynthos was also a good place to welcome our next guest, so we booked flights for our mother/mother in law to come over for some days. We also visited Zakynthos city, which was not really interesting to us. Unfortunately we even didn’t get electricity or water in the habour.

Buying ice cream on board!

Short story to the picture above: So strange, in the morning and evening those „shop boats“ make their way to Turtle beach where they sell ice cream, drinks and hot dogs. In the evening we just stopped a boat and got ice cream directly on board – how funny for our kids!

Where there is sun, there is shade. The drawback of the small boats, the shop boat and lots of tourists in the bay is unfortunately a lot of dirt in the water, especially close to the small habour.

CORRECTION: Thank you Alfty! A scouting collegue told us the background to the dirt in the harbour! Wow we had a totally wrong impression. The „dirt“ is actually oil from natural oil springs on the island. They are still active and so the oil is also in the water. From skin you can remove it with olive oil (btw there is lots of bio olive oil and lemons on the island) but from our dinghy it is still a tough job with some special cleaner!

New crew on board – Leiten Oma’s first time on a boat!

When Susanna got on board we left Zakynthos and travelled via Kephallonia to Lefkada (Levkas) where we made a longer stay in the Marina to have boat works and boat office.

Arriving in our habour of Kephallonia we had almost 30 knots of wind. We anchored in the habour directly, fortunately we can trust our anchor very very much! Then the „Hafenkino“ (harbour cinema) started. A lot of charter boats tried to moor at the pier, that was pretty hard for them!

Lefkada – no worries, this got crowded until the evening!

On Lefkada we found a pretty, but very touristic bay where we invested to moor on a pier with electricity and water. It got very crowded until the evening. We have booked a berth in Levkas Marina, where we should be 23rd of August… be curious what happened then, it was not a smooth sail there!

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