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We master our sailing (WL 13)

We left Palermo to move further west, as mentioned we wanted to get to Sardinia as soon as possible. Since Hans visited us some time ago, we trained our sailing skills even more. Already the ride to Palermo was a challenge where we had to do several jibes. The good thing about it: we really learn a lot and gain experience with Hakuna Matata. She is a big boat but with very good sailing preferences!

So this week’s logfile is more about our sailing skills and experiences cause we did a lot of it recently!

Palermo to San Vito lo Capo

We had it all: calm waters, dolphins and strong winds with gusts! Everything within one ride from Palermo to San Vito lo Capo! We reacted as fast as possible and put up and down sails, started and stopped the engine and chose the best route.

Boat office

When there is calm sea we also work from board, we call it boat office.

San Vito lo Capo looked like the perfect holiday location: fine sandy beaches, nice bars and restaurants and calm atmosphere. We stayed overnight, did a nice walk, went shopping and diving.

Diving at San Vito lo Capo

San Vito lo Capo to Trapani

Pffffuh what a ride! The weather was instable and as the water was quite shallow, the waves quickly built up. So we rolled further west to Trapani. The sailing itself was quite good, we had good speed and arrived on time in Trapani.

We observed another crew that decided to only put up the front sail which ended in even more rock’n’rollin. Later in the harbour we saw the white faces from the sick crew after some throw-ups on the way. This time we were more lucky! Since we got pretty good with our sailing skills we hadn’t any vomitting incidents anymore. 🙂

Last stop in Sicily: Trapani

A pretty good combination out of a very friendly Marina, the possibilities to do some repairs and a nice old town to stroll around and enjoy the treatment of Sicily for the last time.

That’s what you THINK our evenings look like.
How our evenings often look like!
Saying good bye to Sicily like this!

Like last time we waited for the perfect weather window or at least the best we could get as soon as possible to sail to Sardinia. We were looking for good winds and low sea (less than 1 m).

Off to Sardinia!

This time we were lucky and got the full programm of nice sunrises, sunsets, calm sea, little bit of wind, dolphins and sea turtles. The perfect passage in total! That calmed our souls and let us enjoy the whole trip!

Last view on Trapani on our trip to Villasimius, Sardinia
Pituresque sunset on our way to Villasimius, calm sea, little bit of wind, almost perfect

Welcome to Sardinia!

Some 30+ hours later in the late morning we made it to Villasimius, East-South coast of Sardinia. Everytime it is very exciting to arrive in another island or country. We have never been to Sardinia before and didn’t know what to expect. Everyone is romantising about the Costa Smeralda, that we left out this time. Our goal was to get as soon as possible further West to the Balearic islands.

Swimming in the bay of Villasimius
Sundowner Sardinia style
Calm marina of Villasimius

We celebrated the arrival in sardinia with Aperol Spritz and a nice tagliere in the sunset of the beach club of Villasimius, that was pure dolce vita and joy. We went for a walk and took some rest after the long journey before we headed to Cagliari. The bay there has crystal clear waters and sandy ground. Perfect to anchor and have a bathing stop.

Villasimius to Cagliari – all sails up!

So far this sail is one of my most preferred ones! We had confortable 13-15 knots wind and could go all the way in front of the wind / down wind which made the sailing smooth and nice. We expected a lot of traffic, but it turned out to be rather calm at the port of Cagliari.

Again we used the port to do some necessary works and unfortunately we even got more work to do. On our last day there the waves of the ferry were pretty high, the charter ship next to us pretty close moored. It got really rolly and the mast of the charter ship collided with us! That was a very bad experience. Our windex got damaged as well as our navigation lights.

But what an coincidence! We had an appointment with the rigger company that day! Unfortunately now they really had to fix something! ;(

Off to Cagliari!

More about our stay in Cagliari next week!

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