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Enjoying the South Coast of Sardinia (WL 14)

More days than expected we stayed in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. There were not only repairs (see WL 13), but also some sightseeing of the old town, some ice cream and sunny days. Even the world tour of beach volleyball was right next to us, so we could watch a bit.

As always we had a close look on the weather to find a suitable day to sail to Porto Teulada. Our plan was to sail more and more West to wait for the right moment to get to Menorca as soon as possible.

After the incident with the masts it got even more thrilling if we could fix the problem in time. Due to our „hero“ up in the mast (the rigger) we managed to get away to Porto Teulada before weekend.

Sandy Dunes close of Porto Teulada

Our next stop was Porto Teulada where we expected to hide out some further Mistral wind for some days. The weather in autumn is of course more difficult than in summer, we even started to freeze in the morning and evening while the temperature dropped to about 20 degrees. Nice and cosy october you think, for us it felt like winter as we were spoiled with a very warm summer.

Porto Teulada feels quite lonely as there is no town next to it (it is up the hill) and even the busses stopped going by as it was end of season here in Sardinia. In order to see some of the sourrounding we rented a car.

A „torre“ close to Porto Teulada
Sandy beaches south of Sardinia

With the car we had 2 days to explore the souroundings. One day we went to the large sandy beach with the dunes, saw Flamingos in real nature and enjoyed the warm sun. Recently it got really cold in Sardinia!

On the other day we went along the coast road and had fantastic views of the coastline from the other perspective than usual.

Then we had the challenge to find a plan how and when to go further west to the town of Carloforte. It was a difficult decision as we had to cross a NATO military zone that is closed from time to time. Then there was also the unstable weather forecast and lots of miles to the west coast.

How we managed to sail to Carloforte we will tell you in our next logfile!


  • Bruno Nestler

    Liebe Stefanie und Family!
    Wir haben über Stefan Friedrich ein update Deines und Eures abenteuerlichen Lebens zu See und zu Land erhalten. Auch werde ich persönlich zukünftig öfter in Eure Homepage hineinschauen.

    Ich wünsche Dir und allen an Bord im Namen des Rotary Clubs Tulln ein gutes und erfülltes neues Jahr, weiterhin eine gute Reise und kommt gut heim!
    Wir freuen uns hier in Österreich schon sehr auf Deine persönlichen Schilderungen hier bei uns im Club.

    Mit besten Grüßen und Wünschen
    Bruno Nestler

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