Weekly Log

First guest crew on board! (WL4)

Astros (Peloponnes, Greece) is a very nice Greek town with a wide bay, a port and many local shops. After our bumpy ride we were really happy to have some time to relax. So we stayed 2 nights anchoring out in the bay in front of Astros.

As we expected our first guest crew on board we entered the port of Astros. Luckily only a few boats were in and noone around, so we had plenty of space and time to do the mooring with anchor.

The port of Astros in the back, a sweaty face (40+ degrees) in the front. 🙂

We made the boat ready for our guests, cleaned the deck, did the laundry and went shopping. Then we headed to the beach. The temperatures rised recently and a heatwave was coming our way. So the best place to survive the 40+ degrees in the afternoon is the shade of the beach. In Greece you do not need to pay for sun beds and umbrellas. You simply choose your space and then order something form the café behind, then they are happy to host you.

On Wednesday our guests Stefan and Flo from Tulln arrived. We welcomed them with a nice swim in the sea and then had a very good dinner at the seafront of Astros (Estella – recommendation!)

The plan for the week was to head south and then back to Astros as our guests had to get back to the airport of Kalmata. We almost carried out what we were up for, but only almost…

Up on the mast…

As written last week we lost or radar reflector, so we bought a new one at the general shop of Astros (super cool shop, where you get everything you need!). Michael did the installation by himself, up on the mast.

We headed south and anchored in a pituresque nature bay. We snorkeled and Michael and Emilia even dived.

First diving

Then we planned to go further South but suddenly our engine made a strange noise. As the engine is brand new, the problem was something different. We had a lot of luck, cause we only had a little wind and were out on the sea. We needed 2 hours to fix the screw problem and sailed back to the town of Kyparissi.

Stefan and Michael repaired the screws and we could finally use the engine again. In Kyparissi we decided to eat out at night to calm down our nerves. 🙂

Due to this issue we decided not to go further south, but head back to Astros as fast as possible.


Thanks to Stefan who slept upstairs and got up very early to take a photo of the sunrise, we got this beautiful picture above.

The journey back was – luckily – uneventful. We stopped to swim and snorkle. The kids caught some crabs to study them – no animals were harmed 🙂 – they put them back in the sea.

We had great fun with our first guest crew and already plan for our next guest.

During the week the heatwave was kicking in heavily! Over 40 degrees were really exhausting. The struggle is real and sweat is running down constantly. You drink 3+ litres a day to stay hydrated.

Best time of the day is the evening, where I often sit on the deck together with Tietzi: