Weekly Log

Loads of work in Almerimar (WL 22)

We took one last long trip to Almerimar and stayed there to do some maintainance work that was long due and absolutely necessary before we will enter the Atlantic.

Finally we arrived in Almerimar! That was an important step for us. The journey to get there went very nice and smooth. We had perfect weather, the sun was shining. I was even able to join a TEAMbuilding session from the boat, let’s call it boat office!

Almerimar is a very good place to do maintainance work. You have stores and technicians there. And not to forget a huge community of sailors, yachties they call themselves. We had to buy a new radar, had it install, got active AIS and several other small repairs.

In total we will spend about 3 weeks at Almerimar.

As it became clear that we will spend more time than expected there, we rented a car and did some trips in the surrounding. By accident we found „Fort Bravo“, a western town that has been the location for several famous Western movies. Furthermore we drove into the Sierra Nevada (sorry that’s wrong in the little video) and found „Trevelez“, which turned out to be the capital of Jamon! What a good one!

Then we checked out Granada and booked a guided tour at the Almhambra, but that’s a new story!

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