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Starting to feel like Christmas! (WL 21)

During this week we travelled from Calpe to Alicante, Torrevieja, Cartagena to Aguilas where we spent several days to wait for the weather to calm down. Sailing in November/December is a challenge, but let’s see the summary of pictures as a short video and my description in detail below!

The sailing in November felt always like a race against the weather. Whenever we reached our destination we had the one beautiful day and on the next morning we had rain showers, hail or thunderstorms. It got cooler and cooler and we knew: we had to head West and South FAST!

A long journey South

Taking a day more at Alicante to rest made absolutely sense! After arriving we had the last sun rays to moor our boat before a big thunderstorm including hail hit the town. Luckily there were no damage on the boat. Even the plastic window covers were resistant enough!

Sightseeing in Alicante

The next day turned out to be sunny and warm, so we used our time to explore the surrounding. Of course we had to go into THE OCEAN RACE MUSEUM. Such a unique experience to see how they are doing „sailing“, a completly different story! Very interesting to see how the do shifts, how the material is working, how they organise, eat, sleep and survive the fast race!

Afterwards we climed up to Castillo Santa Barbara to have a fantastic view over the city. Of course with some nice coffee and sun on top! Some 10.000 steps later we strolled around in the city, had spanish tapas and walked along the famous tiled path.

In the evening we enojoyed the christmas decoration in town and started to feel like Christmas!

That made us decorate our boat ourselves…

Further South we go!

We really liked Alicante, but it was time to move on. Unfortunately we haven’t done a lot of pictures as we were staying in Torrevieja, Cartagena and finally Aguilas.

In Torrevieja and Cartagena we only stayed over night and just had a very brief look around. We promised to come back and stay longer on our way back.

Finally we had to make a longer break in Aguilas. A small town, never heard of before! We were almost alone in the Marina, felt a bit strange! We could not do a lot, so we made walks along the beach and went to the cinema to see „House of Gucci“ in orginal language.

It was crazy – again we had to wait for bad weather to pass by. All the time we had „ALL or NOTHING“ conditions: 35 knots of wind or too calm to sail!

Well we have chosen the more confortable way and set sail to Almerimar, where we had tons of work to do – read next time!

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