Weekly Log

A week in Roccella Ionica (IT) (WL 9)

After our passage from Greece we arrived in Rocella Ionica during night time. We got a nice spot along the pier and decided on the first day to stay longer than only 2 nights. That had several reasons. First of all there are not many spots / ports / habours on the south side of Italy. Secondly when you come closer to Sicily everything gets very expensive. And last but not least the place looked really peaceful.

Our next fixed appointment will be on the 8th of August in Sicily, where Hans will do a skipper training with us. So no hurry, let’s stay in Roccell Ionica!

What a fabulous week!

As the city center / beaches were a bit away from the Marina, we rented E-bikes for some days. That was very handy. We rode up the hill to the castillo, went to several beaches, had our first Espresso in Italy and ate Pizza! All you wish for being in Italy.

Calabria – the region where Roccella Ionica is located – has only a tiny little bit of tourism. Most of the time we were all alone among Italians. We bought Mozzarella directly from the manufacturer and learned that Calabria is the most imporatant producer for bergamots.

Some shots from our first Italian week:

Went to „BAU BEACH“ and learned that Italian dogs do not make „WAU WAU“, but „BAU BAU“ 🙂
Tasted like heaven, the first Espresso after our passage Greece – Italian
Did I show you the fantastic „Palatschinken Cake“ I did for Raphael’s Birthday?

No worries, there was also adventure!

That sounded too calm, didn’t it? You are right! We also had adventures that week.

Getting home from supermarket

The supermarket was a bit far away along a bigger street, we went there with our e-bikes and had to return in the dark. Maybe the cars were only allowed to drive about 100 km/h, they actually did about 130 km/h, felt like a highway. Then I had the „good idea“ to take a smaller road back (well, google showed me this alternative!). In fact the smaller road ended after some very dark and adventures path, where we were chased by dogs! We deciced to find our way back on the motorway, that was still easier und safer.

Cat Tiezi took a bath

Usually Tiezi is in her own cabin during night time. We do not want her to wander around alone in the night, so she is put in around 23 o’clock and put out in the morning around 7.30 o‘ clock. She has everything she needs inside: water, toilet, cosy sleeping places. When cleaning the boat after our passage, I also cleaned her cabin and showerroom. While doing so, I forgot to close a small window – just to understand why she escaped that day…

One morning I woke up around 6.30 o’clock because Tiezi jumped on my bed wet allover! What happened?! We still do not know, but it was salty water. My theory is, that she went out of the small window and did some walk outside. Maybe she tried to jump on the pier and failed? She must have fallen in the water and luckily was able to get on the boat again, cause our backend is quite low. She must have managed!

I showered her and kept her warm. She was not worried at all! But suddenly showed more respect wandering around the boat.

Hoppla! Read the story above…

Taking care of the port cats

As you might have already noticed our family loves animals! At the port of Roccella Ionica we had a lot to do. At the washing house lived the „Junior Cats“ group we visited every evening. We gave them a little bit of cat food and played with them, then we went to the „Waste gang“ – they were slightly older and lived next to the rubish bins.

Roccella Ionica from above… we climed the hill with our E-bikes.
The Castillo of Roccella Ionica
We found a nice beach, had pasta and pizza there, too!

During the week we kept an eye on the weather to get further to Sicily. As Saturday was really bad – we had thunderstorms and rain – we started our passage on Sunday. The following two weeks we will spend in Sicily where we get a skipper training and a language course. Stay tuned!

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