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Enjoying Kalamata while doing some boat works (WL 6)

We planned to only do two nights in Kalamata Marina before we head further, but then decided to do some boat works here as the infrastructure is just fine. No urgent issues to be fixed, but our cleat needed some attention. When we were moored in Monemvasia we had a lot of pressure on our ropes and we saw that the cleat had problems. So we asked a technician to fix this issue which led us to stay at Kalamata until Sunday, so 5 nights in total.

Problem? Solution!

Kalamata is a lively town with a marina, port and lots of taverns, cafes and shops. We still were suffering from the extreme heat, therefore we decided to rent a car to go (with air condition) to some interesting places nearby. Our pets stayed in the boat with their own climate system. We provided a lot of water, cool packs, shade and ventilators. They slept most of the hours to overcome the exhausting period. On thursday we even had 43 degrees during the day!

Sweaty but happy… 13.000 steps later at the port of Kalamata

There was no cool down during the evening / night. When Raphael and me went for a longer walk late in the evening, we came back with sweat all over. Unbelievable! By the way: we walked all the way down the port wall that surounds the big port of Kalamata. A nice walk and you can see the town from the opposite side.

And finally the last heat picture. I tried to do boat office again, but needed some cool packs, otherwise my laptop would just start burning!

Cooltop not Laptop

With our rental car we visited Sparta, historical famous town on the Peloponnes. We understood quite clear why they were so successful past then! The town is surrounded by high mountains and therefore very safe! But again… due to the heat we didn’t do a lot there, maybe it is a shame.

At least we had fun being statues for a moment. The ancient Greeks were quite surprised! After a Sparta beer and some Gyros we drove back to Kalamata enjoying the pituresque Mountain road with lots of view points, wells and honey sellers.

On the next day we explored Mani, a very natural part of Peloponnes. We found out that there are nice bays with sandy beaches to relax, swim and cool down. We chose „Stoupa“ beach. Lots of taverns, lots of people, but a really nice sandy beach with crystal clear water to swim in. Finally we could cool down a bit and had lovely dinner in „Dionysos“ tavern (where else?!).

Mani, Peloponnes

Saturday we chilled on the beach of Kalamata and planned our tour for Sunday. We want to make more miles and get further! So the plan was to have a whole day and whole night ride, with a little dinner break to reach Zakynthos by Monday. Let’s see if that will work out! Read you next week!

We love ALL the cats!

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