Weekly Log

Heading round Peloponnes and doing lots of miles! (WL 5)

On 4th August we said good bye to Stefan and Flo that left that day. On the same day my uncle arrived at Kalamata airport. We met at Astros and planned to do a lot of miles to get round Peloponnes the next days.

At Astros we bought fresh fish and had wonderful dinner.

New crew, fresh fish

On the first day we did about 30 nautical miles to the bay of Kyparissi. That’s the place we have already visited together with Stefan and Flo (back then not really voluntary cause our engine had problems). This time we enjoyed the bay by SUP and canue and stayed another night to wait for better weather.

In the evening it was quite windy and many boats decided to stay at anchor.

SUP at Kyparissi

On the second evening we got take away food from shore and that trip was really scary. The air in the town was extremely smokey. We noticed the close wild fires. There was smoke and a ash cloudy sky. Even the sun didn’t come out completely. It always stayed a bit dark.

You can see smoke in the background: wild fires!

On the following day we left Kyparissi and went further south to the famous Monemvasia island. The sea was still a bit rough from the strong winds the other day. It was a bumpy ride and Emilia got sick.

7 hours later we arrived at Monemvasia and docked on the North side.

Rough sea on our way to Monemvasia

Monemvasia was a great experience. It’s a pituresque town on a little rocky island and was build back in the 800s. On our instagram profile you can see more pictures from there!


My uncle planned to go back to Austria on the upcoming Wednesday, so we made miles to reach Kalamata as soon as possible. The trip was uneventful (always good) and with a lot of sailing.

The passage from Monemvasia to Kalamata is full of nature. There are big rocks and mountains, no protected bays (apart from the „Caribean Bay“ we stayed in) and only a few ships. After cap Malea there is more traffic. Only one night more and we will be in Kalamata.

We chose a small bay at Gerolimenas beach and anchored with landlines to have another adventure. All worked well, except the fact that we anchored a second time to make really sure everthing is fine. Thanks god we did! During the night a huge gust came. We were ok, but our neighbours drifted towards the rocks. They had to lift anchor and leave. We were awake to make sure we stay fine, so we did.

Cool anchorage near beach Gerolimenas
After 5 weeks of travelling by boat, we look like pirates already!

From there it was a long day by motor and sail to Kalamata. But fair winds and calm sea, really nice sailing day! My uncle was happy and grateful for this experience. He recommends being our guest. 🙂

Oh no, I forgot to report, that Raphael caught his first fish! (and freed it afterwards cause it was too small).

Now we are in Kalamata and my uncle flew back to Austria. We are now fixing some things and will then do a bigger passage to the Ionian Sea!

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