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Doing everything for the first time (WL2)

As you could read last time, we survived our time on the dock in Almira Shipyard. Buying a boat, going into the water the first time, means doing everything for the first time although we are experienced with boats and sailing.

You simply learn everyday, every minute. You fail, you do again, you lose, you win. That’s boat life!

Our first anchorage

After testing the boat and the steering we went directly into our first maneuver: anchoring! Interesting: it worked out with the first try! Luckily! Our first anchorage was in front of the canal of Corinth, not very special, but easy for us.

On the next day we went on to Aigina (Agia Marina) where we expected to get spare parts. Unfortunately our anchor winch had some problems! We spent 2 nights there and it was lovely.

The kids tried out the canues, the inflatable tube and so much more. I was great fun!

Celebrating birthday

For me it was special to celebrate my 41st birthday on board:

We took that day as a resting day. Together with Emilia I went on land, strolled around the town, had coffee and bought some fresh food for us. We swam, rested and had fun canuing the bay. In the evening we left Hakuna Matata (and Tiezi) alone on anchorage for the first time to have birthday dinner on land.

As it was Saturday and all charter boats were in hourbour we decided to visit Hydra, which is mostly crowded, so it was a very good oportunity!

On the way to Hydra we sailed our Genoa (which is actually a Fock) the first time – we reached constantly 4 knots which is pretty good:

Sailing the first time!

Visiting Hydra

As we already discovered the area with some friends in June we knew how to visit Hydra best. We anchored at Mandraki bay (difficult, cause very deep) and took the taxi boat. Michael stayed on board to take care of our anchor winch (there is always to fix something!) while me and kids did a nice stroll around the lovely town.

Hydra – famous pituresque Greek town with lots of cats

Next we went to Dokos, a small island next to Hydra. That was only a 1.5 hours ride.

Dokos is a calm and peaceful, wide bay. It is quite shallow and easy to anchor (sand!). We loved staying here, snorcheling (finally some fish!) and swimming.

In the evening we enjoyed the gorgous sunset.

Sunset in the bay of Dokos.

We are heading further in direction of Pelepones and will get our first visitors soon!

So many first times, we learn, we thrive!

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