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Taking Hakuna Matata back in the water, what comes next? (WL 28)

After 6 (nice, hectic, strange, happy) weeks in Austria, we come back to Lanzarote mid March. Hakuna Matata is still on the hard, so we stay two nights in a near by appartment and take advantage of the pool there. We take our time to really „come back“ and realise that our second and hopefully more relaxing part of our journey is starting.

All about pictures

I know, I know you really like seeing pictures of our adventures, but the truth is: I am writting this End June after I finally found some energy to do so. I decided to put out the most important stories for you and hope you will like them also without a lot of pictures. To be honest: pictures need a lot of effort! And I want rather you catch up on us then seeing hundreds of pics. This will follow for sure, we are planning to do a picture slide show / event or similar to share all our wonderful stories.

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What comes next?!

Ok, so it is mid March and we are back in Lanzarote. Hakuna Matata ist still on the hard, where she got a pretty anti-fouling and some necessary repairs. Finally we can put her in the water and secure her in Puerto Calero, where we will stay for some more days.

The plan is to explore the Canary Islands even more, then head back to the Med via Madeira and Porto Santo.

The weather is pretty nasty with strong Calima wind and bad sights therfore we enjoy the time left on Lanzarote by having cocktails in our favorite place „La Delicatezza“ in Puerto del Carmen or have dinner somewhere. Ronja is also back from her „holiday place“. She had a wonderful time with dog und human friends that took very good care of her!

Let’s see when we can sail further to Fuerteventura…

Reminder: Many pictures in real time on our instagram profile!

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