Weekly Log

A lot of challenges during our last days in Greece! (WL 8)

A busy week was ahead of us: another boat works at Levkas Marina and Stefanie had an online workshop to lead Tuesday to Thursday. That was the reason why we booked several days. On Monday, 23rd August we did about 18 nm from Soyvota Bay to Levkas Marina.

Let’s have good KARMA.

When I was on the helm, about 4 nm before the start of the Levkas canal, I suddenly saw a drifting boat with people waving their hands up in the air. There was a lot of traffic, but suprisingly no boat stopped. So we did. They told us that they had an engine problem the other day and are unable to start the engine, so they had two other boats towing them where they were now. They asked us to tow them till the beginning of the canal where they will get help from the Marina.

Never towed a boat before, but very quickly we managed to get them on the hook. The Crew of „Karma“ (hopefully we now have a very good Karma!) was really happy to finally get help.

Steffi: „Ich hab einen Italiener abgeschleppt!“

But that was only one of several challenges we had to go through during our last days in Greece!

After going through Lefkas canal we entered the Marina and easily found our berth. Nothing special to say about this place. It is a big Marina for a lot of charter boats. During the week it was rather quiet. Some restaurants and lively harbour next door, but a long way to the beach.

As mentioned above we booked some days there because it was important to have a save space for Stefanie to do her online workshop on conflict management. Having good internet becomes quite curcial when you work and travel at the same time!

Raphael got ill

It was the night before the online workshop. I was still working on some slides, when it got clear that Raphael caught a flu or something. He got high fever and we had a very exhausting night! Luckily we have lots of COVID tests on board, so we made sure he did not got the virus. The chance was very little as we are all fully vaccinated, but you never know!

Good result: he was negative all the time! We are very lucky cause the challenges always hit us when the moment is right: we spent several days at a quiet place in the Marina, we had time to take good care of him, we had all the medicine on board and there was a doctor near by, just in case. He got a lot of rest and sleep and after 3 days he was fine again.

I was pushing through: little sleep and all morning online workshop, but everything worked out really fine. I had time in the afternoon to catch a bit of rest.

Apart from that we did not do a lot at Levkas. There was another Mechanic showing up and checking something on the boat, that was a quick and successful work. He also maintained our outboard engine.

Sundowner at Levkas City

On thursday Susanna flew back to Vienna and we continued our journey. As I have written before the Ionian Sea is very crowded in the high season, so we decided to go on with our travel and do the passage to Italy. Unfortunately the weather looked not good.

Meghanisi bay, „Steirermen“ and animated sailors

We decided to leave for Italy on Saturday / Sunday, so we still had 2 nights to go. After some research we found out that the north of Meghanisi has a lot of nice bays to spend the nights there. Yes we agree, the bays are really beautiful, but 100 other sailboats thought so too!

We found a spot to anchor in „El Aquilla“ where we fixed our boat with a landline. Shortly after we finished the maneuver, a thunderstorm approached the bay!

First rain in over 7 weeks!

Then the bay movie started: there were a lot of charter sailors with only little experience, it got pretty interesting when a dutch boat tried to anchor in front of us. The direction of anchor and wind did’t got well together, so we had to watch out during the night that the boat won’t hit us in the front. So they did at 9 o’clock in the morning… they had to lift the anchor and escape.

We got to know our bay neighbour who had an intersting ship with an Austrian (!) flag. A couple from Styria lives there for quite a while now. We had a nice chat with them!

On the next day (Friday) we thought the bay will get empty as charter boats have usually to return on Friday to their base. What we learned: there are companies that change crew on Sunday, so we had another party going on.

„El Aquilla“, Meghanisi

On the second afternoon a lot of Sunsail boats where coming (portside) and anchored next to each other with landline. They had full service and someone to moor the boat. They also had an animation programme, I have never seen something like this before.

The last Tsatziki!

And then it happened: in the little bay of El Aquilla we had our very last Tsatziki! What a lovely Tavern with a funny owner.

On Saturday we did a last round of shopping, Wurzel checked the weather forecast and we took the decision to leave immedeately. Bad weather from North was approaching and we did not want to spend another week in Greece!

Good Bye Greece!

The passage: Lefkada – Roccella Ionica

What a ride! The first hours were quite „normal“, we had dinner, read books and had chats, then it got rougher and rougher. The night was a hard one. Me and the kids got really seasick, nothing was possible. I was just laying in the middle of the boat, puking from time to time and sleeping. Michael was our hero, up all night and cruising the waves. On the next day, lunchtime, it got more and more quiet. Then I could manage the helm and Michael got some sleep. About 10 hours in front of Roccella Ionica, Sunday afternoon we faced two thunderstorm fronts. We watched the radar and escaped in the middle. We got some wind and some heavy rain (for about 3 minutes).

The last part was luckily very quiet and fast. After midnight we approached Roccella Ionica, where we moored at the petrol station, found some sleep and got a nice berth the next morning. A big thank you goes to „The Pink Penguin“, a catamaran with crew from Vienna, that gave us a lot of handy hints for this marina!

Now it is time to get some rest before we head to Sicily to get some intense skipper training!