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How to dock a boat and other useful learnings (WL 10)

The crossing to Sicily was a long, but calm passage. We decided to split it halfways and stay overnight on anchor. In the south of Italy you do not have a lot of possibilities: hardly no marinas or anchorages. So we spent the night together with 3 other boats in the only possible bay. Yes it was rolly and our sleep was not the best, but it was safe.

The other day we left really early. There were many thunderstorms around and the weather wasn’t stable. We expected to get really wet on our way, but luckily we were early enough to escape the rain!

We even managed to have an easy and very calm passage over the Strait of Messina – see our video on our instagram profile! Only two big ships came in our way, but without any problems. As we went one day earlier, we had to stay another night at anchor before entering Marina Reposto. Also that night (in front of Taormina) was shaky. We were spoiled from relaxing nights at Roccella Ionica and had to again cope with the movement. The scenery were stunning! Sicily is very divers. You have endless beaches, high mountains, vulcano Etna and pitoresque villages high up the mountain top, but also lively marina towns. A wild island!

Hello, Ätna!

Tuesday we finally arrived at Marina Reposto, where we had booked for several nights. As we came there early we had time to rent a car and explore Vulcano Etna! What a ride! That day heaven opened its doors and let it rain cats and dogs. The streets were wild rivers and I was’nt sure: Am I driving a car or a motorboat?

We finally made it up the Vulcano! (After some detours and special paths…) Thanks god, we had our jackets, as the temperatures up the hill were very chilly!

The Jirgals on Vulcano Etna!

The weather got better and better while we explored the vulcano. When driving back we had no problems with the streets, fortunately!

The next day we picked up our boat/sailing instructor Hans Kastenhofer from NAUTIKA. We highly recommend Hans as trainer, we really enjoyed working with him!

Three days Stefanie and the kids learned how to dock the boat, how to better navigate and how to be a sailor in general. We had so many learnings! Hans is a very calm, relaxed teacher that showed us the most important stuff.

The Kids and Stefanie learn to dock our boat!

Our next plan was to move to Milazzo and as we observed the weather, we decided to do the big tour with Hans on Friday already! What an experience!

First of all we sailed the whole way. Hakuna Matata got very fast – at some point we sailed about 10 knots with 20 knots of wind. On average we sailed 7 knots and had a pleasant ride on the waves.

Sailing through the Strait of Messina was an adventure! Wow, such a traffic! (Above and below the surface :)) Although, we only saw the boat traffic and no fish traffic.

Off we go to Milazzo
Tiezi ’s place when it’s hot
Ready for fishing!
Traffic in the Strait of Messina!

Exhausted but excited we arrived at Milazzo. Again: we were too early therefore the port didn’t have a free birth. We found a near by smaller Marina and moored there. (Stefanie did the docking!) Unfortunately the dock was not really well protected and so we had all the waves of the big ferrys.

After over 10 hours of sailing you do not mind, you are only hungry. 🙂 So we went to the Pizzeria near by and great dinner. At the same time it was farewell time for Hans. On the next day we went to the airport. Thanks Hans for your support!

We had a rainy day at the port and stayed another night. On Sunday we had a reservation for Marina Nettuno in Milazzo Port and so we could move the boat.

The waves were stronger than our (new!) cleat!

Next plan is to stay in Milazzo, where the kids will have a language course in Italian and English.

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